10 Best Seat Cushions For Office Chairs In 2020 – Say Goodbye To Your Back Pain!

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Working for a long time seating over a hard chair surface is indeed a troublesome work. Although you may think it causes no harm, you are quite wrong. Seating on the surface provides continuous pressure on your spine which can result in severe lower back pain. Seat cushions can ease your life like how a reacher grabber helps to pick up things from narrow gaps! To prevent the harmful effect of the prolonged seating, orthopedic cushions are now available. You can enjoy the utmost ease and comfort along with them.

Using a seat cushion for office chair or desk chair cusions can certainly protect your lower back and relief the working pressure. There are lots of cushions are available to choose. Therefore, choosing the best seat cushion for office chair may seem quite impossible. Regarding your problem, we are here with the best ten available which will fit your chair and physique quite well. 

Best Seat Cushions for Office Chairs Reviews in 2020

1. CYLEN Home-Memory Infused Ventilated Orthopedic Seat Cushion

CYLEN Home-Memory Infused Ventilated Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Along with quality infusion of bamboo charcoal, it offers the best possible memory foam. Using this best seat cushion for office chair will provide noticeable difference for sure. It induces incredible ventilation and natural smell absorbance for your vicinity.

Being a thermos regulating foam, it prevents temperature effect over longer seating. The charcoal infusion diffuses body odour without any unexpected situation. Again, it resists the entrance of moist inside the cushion from temperature and humidity.

The additional air mesh coverage imparts a smooth path of air flow. Being washable, the breathable mesh allows you to clean it upon necessity. Suitable cover protects the foam well and also make the seating quite comfortable.

Through orthopedic designation, this cushion comes extremely helpful when used as a office chair cushion for back pain. The soft foam can hug the tailbone with ease and maintains its contour and shape. Suitable construction takes care of your pain at the tailbone, hip, lumbar, and coccyx.


  • Offers greater ventilation for the cushion with infusion of bamboo charcoal.
  • Comes with orthopedic design to fit the back and to relief prolonged pain.
  • Features soft memory foam to deliver comfortable seating for a longer time.
  • Includes suitable mesh cover having contour to ensure a non-slipping seating.
  • Provides sufficient air flow through the cushion without temperature rising.


  • The cushion may flatten after some time due to overweight.
  • The mesh cover may slide and slip on for specific chairs.

2. Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion

Through 100% commercial quality memory foam, this heated seat cushion for office chair provides superior versatility. Containing no additives, this is quite beneficial for your health. With U-shaped design, it alleviates working pressure to reduce chronic pain.

Smartly designed pillow immediately responds to the body heat and offers perfect support for the bottom. The thickened foam padding delivers an everlasting comfort. It also gives sufficient support for severe pressure zones.

Along with soft exterior as well as non-slipping gel bottom of rubber, you can use this almost everywhere. You can rely on this to fudge bad postures and to relieve leg pain. Having smaller size, it allows better portability and comfort.

The black coverage that comes with this prevents the foam to catch moisture. Apart from that, the machine washable cover provides you better cleaning facility. Therefore, you can have the utmost comfort without any stress for a longer seating time.


  • Comes with orthopedic design to encourage prolonged seating with comfort.
  • Provides greater lumbar support along with the proper transfer of body pressure.
  • Includes superb U-shape design to address and relieve back pain with sciatica.
  • Delivers optimum cushioning density through 100% quality memory foam.
  • Suits almost all types of common chairs along with lightweight construction.


  • The exterior may seem to be hard to seat for certain users.
  • Not suitable for larger people having weight over 350 pounds.

3. Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Having a suitable orthopedic design, then this is one of the best seat cushions for bad backs. Unlike the conventional ones, you can have a soft, comfortable padded support for your back. The memory foam allows an even distribution of the body weight.

Apart from others, the ergonomic U-shape cut-out prevents your tailbone to get pressed. It also enhances superior lumbar alignment with raised blood circulation. Through relieving stress over pressure points, it promotes a rather healthy posture.

The non-skidding bottom surface contains an anti-slipping technique to remain with your chair. Being suitable for typical chairs, it encourages a wide and prolonged usage. With reduced pressure throughout the spinal cord and ensures a comfortable support.

Through superior quality foam this memory foam office chair cushion attains uniform density conforming to the individual shape. The additional mesh coverage offers smooth air circulation to resist sweating and heating. With removable and washable facility, it induces a much better serviceability.


  • Provides high-density and quality memory foam with greater weight capacity.
  • Contains suitable cut-out designation to induce comfort space for the coccyx.
  • Delivers ultimate comfort with proper spine alignment, enhanced blood flow.
  • Promotes a healthy posture without flattening the foam over prolonged usage.
  • Features anti-slipping technique to keep the cushion steady with the chair seat.


  • Cushion thickness may cause inferior difficulties for certain users.
  • The dimension of the cushion may not suit well for larger people.

4. ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion

The combination of orthopedic design with superior U-shape model makes this a versatile one to use. The ergonomic construction decreases seating pressure over coccyx and tailbone. Thus it offers superior support for your back.

With medical considerations, this best seat cushion for office chair delivers recovery support. It suits almost all hard and rough surfaces and helps you to enjoy the utmost comfort all the time. Not to mention, you will receive superb quality foam.

The premium quality memory foam retains its shape with its suitable density. Its durable serviceability comes with long-lasting comfort over prolonged seating proves it to be one of the best ergonomic seat cushions out ther. Through its usage, you can turn your seat in a premium one.

Regarding portability, it comes with superior lightweight assembly. The included zippered coverage allows a better circulation of air through the foam. The machine washable cover also enables easy cleaning and maintenance facility.


  • Contains 100% premium quality memory foam to deliver superior lumbar support.
  • Suitable for all types of chairs and vehicle seats with its ergonomic designation.
  • Includes built-in handle for the lightweight cushion for better and easy mobility.
  • Features cutout orthopedic design to induce greater support reducing pressure.
  • Enables easy maintenance for the mesh cover being removable and washable.


  • The cushion may seem to be uncomfortable in certain cases.
  • Padded foam is likely to squish the way down along with support.

5. SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam

SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam

We are now half way through our selection of the perfect office chair seat cushion and we are doing great. Now on to the fifth one.

 To get rid of your traumatizing back pain, this 2-piece set is indeed a great choice. Through the suitable anatomic formation of the foam, it lessens the spinal pressure. Apart from that, the orthopedic design enables a better support for the coccyx.

Along with the additional pillow, you will get superb support for your lumbar. It encourages the rapid reduction of pressure and relieves your lower back pain. Not to mention, the overall combination can take care of sciatica, tailbone problems quite well.

With high-density memory foam, you will experience a soft, supporting comfort. The 100% pure quality foam offers superior service for sufficient period without going flat. The included built-in handle makes this best seat cushion for office chair easy to carry.

Through maximum features, you can use them anywhere at any time. The non-slipping rubber bottom with 2 adjustable straps holds the cushion in place. There is a 3D mesh of sufficient breathability to allow temperature control.


  • Features supportive cushion along with additional pillow for greater pain relief.
  • Offers greater service life through 100% commercial memory foam construction.
  • Delivers suitable design to fit with typical seating surfaces including office seats.
  • Provides velour coverage with a zipper which is washable to ensure easy cleaning.
  • Includes additional side pocket for the pillow to keep smartphone or mp3 player.


  • The bottom of the cushion is likely to slide over specific chairs.
  • In some cases, the foam may provide too soft being unsupportive.

6. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

Apart from the unique appearance, this best one comes with gel memory foam for promoting support. In fact, the high-quality premium foam includes gel layer at the top. Thus you will experience the utmost comfort with cooling off the seat.

Through its anatomic U-shape formation, this gel seat cushion for office chair alleviates coccyx pressure. Encouraging a rather healthy posture, it triggers a rapid recovery from various back pains. The suitable design also fits almost all common seating surfaces with ease.

Being heat, temperature responsive, the cushion provides variable firmness. It delivers optimum comfort at room temperature with less weight. Whereas you will get a softer, firmer support at cold temperature without greater weight.

With non-slipping and rubber bottom surface, it remains to stick with the chair. The suitably built handle allows effortless and incredibly easy transportation. Best part about this gel office chair cushion is that you can go for cleaning without any difficulty through its washable, zippered cover.


  • Includes suitable gel emollient at the top foam surface for cooling off the seat.
  • Delivers premium quality and densified memory foam to give utmost support.
  • Comes with attractive outlook along with ergonomic shape for healthy posture.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning facility through the breathable mesh coverage.
  • Suitable for faster medical recovery with reduction of pressure at the back.


  • Prolonged usage and overweight can cause flattening of the foam.
  • The foam may seem to be hard and uncomfortable in certain cases.

7. Large Seat Cushion with Carry Handle and Anti Slip Bottom

Large Seat Cushion with Carry Handle and Anti Slip Bottom

Being a solid cushion, this best seat cushion for office chair has quite different but pleasing appearance. Without any cutout portion, you will get uniform support. In fact, its orthopedic modeling encourages greater blood circulation to promote a healthier posture.

Through suitable construction, this is a great cushion to enjoy prolonged seating at the desk. Unlike the traditional ones, you can have a comfortably soft padded support. The memory foam allows you to attain even distribution of the body weight.

With extra-sized dimensions of 19” x 17.5” x 3.5”, you will get sufficient space to unleash your weight. Thus it provides greater seating area which attains a reduced spinal pressure. Again, the size provides a proper fitting for all commercial chairs.

The non-skidding bottom includes an anti-slipping system to remain with the chair. Being suitable for all chairs, you can use this almost anywhere. With decreased pressure throughout the entire spinal cord, it encourages a comfortable support.


  • Comes with unique and incredible solid rectangular shape for uniform support.
  • Includes suitable natural pain relieving system for rapid pressure reduction.
  • Features washable mesh cover to provide better air circulation and breathability.
  • Delivers larger seating surface to provide superior lumbar and back support.
  • Offers easy carriage through built-in handle having anti-slipping bottom surface.


  • The cushion may flatten over an inch during seating due to high weight.
  • Not very firm as the cushion foam is not much densified like the others.

8. Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion,Orthopedic Tailbone Pillow

Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion,Orthopedic Tailbone Pillow

Along with the incredible outlook, this one comes with soothing gel technique to enhance its support. Needless to say, the quality foam includes gel layer at the top surface. Therefore, you can have the utmost comfort with cooling off the seat for sure.

Through its orthopedic U-shape formation, it attains coccyx pressure to a minimum amount. Encouraging a healthier posture, it enables you a rapid recovery from various back pains. Again, the superior design fits almost all seating surfaces making it a superior choice as the best office chair cushion medical wise.

Having heat, temperature responding ability, this best seat cushion for office chair offers variable firmness. It provides optimum comfort at room temperature. Whereas you will get a rather soft, firm support at cold temperature with reasonable weight.

With non-slipping and rubber bottom, it remains attached to the chair for long enough. The firm, densified foam delivers extra and long-lasting comfort. Also, you can clean without the slightest trouble along with its washable, zippered cover.


  • Contains 100% therapeutic and premium memory foam for enhanced seating.
  • Delivers enduring layer of soothing gets to prevent a rapid change of temperature.
  • Promotes great posture with superior spine alignment through weight allocation.
  • Includes incredible orthopedic design to relief pain and tensions at lower back.
  • Prevents frequent shifting or sliding off any seating surface with non-slip bottom.


  • The cushion is not very comfortable to use for certain users.
  • Greater thickness may provide some problems while seating.

9. TravelMate Coccyx Orthopedic Gel-enhanced Foam Seat Cushion

TravelMate Coccyx Orthopedic Gel-enhanced Foam Seat Cushion

Through this improved quality cushion, you can have a balanced as well as comfortable seating for long hours. Along with quality memory foam, this one comes with a suitable gel layer. The overall combination, therefore, takes your comfort to the optimum level.

The orthopedic U-shape design reduces coccyx pressure and joint tension. It allows you to have a rapid recovery from various back pains. This ergonomic seat cushion for office chair also suits almost all typical seating surfaces without the slightest difficulty.

The patented design ensures the maximum utilization to protect your back from pressure. In fact, the contoured design profile encourages healthy posture with superior spine alignment. With the highest quality foam, it doesn’t flatten out over long hours of seating.

Along with silicon coated non-slipping bottom surface, it stays put with your chair all the time. You can go for cleaning using its washable, zippered cover with the utmost ease. The included built-in handle offers easy transportation facility.


  • Includes silicon coated surface at the bottom to keep the cushion steady.
  • Delivers incredible durability with premium quality commercial memory foam.
  • Comes with a superior contoured profile to encourage healthy spine alignment.
  • Provides suitable gel layer at the top foam surface for enhanced comfort.
  • Offers easy usage with simple maintenance facility through the mesh cover.


  • Weight of the cushion is quite higher and therefore heavy to carry.
  • The seat cushion may seem to be stiff or a bit hard for specific users.

10. Coccyx Seat Cushion Orthopedic, Luxury Chair Pillow

Coccyx Seat Cushion Orthopedic, Luxury Chair Pillow

A perfect combination of orthopedic design and innovative U-shape formation make this a unique one. The incredible construction decreases seating pressure over your coccyx, tailbone. Therefore, best seat cushion for office chair delivers superb support for your back.

Regarding medical benefits, it promotes a rapid recovery for lower back pains along with other spinal complications. It suits almost all common, hard surfaces and allows you to enjoy the utmost comfort. Apart from that, you will get superior quality foam with this one.

The premium, high-quality memory foam immediately retains its shape with its suitable density. Its durable service comes with longer lasting comfort over prolonged seating hours. With its usage, you can experience the comfort of a premium one to perform your work.

Considering portability, it comes with outstanding lightweight constituents. The additional zippered coverage enables a better and smooth circulation of air through the foam. Again, the machine washable cover also encourages easy maintenance and cleaning facility. Keeping all this into account this one is a solid choice for an office chair pillow.


  • Provides ultimate seating comfort for a long time through the quality foam.
  • Ensures incredible pressure reduction with ergonomic and beneficial cutout.
  • Offers superior pain and tension relief for an efficient healing of the lower back.
  • Encourages blood circulation to induce healthy posture and spinal alignment.
  • Comes with uniform firmness on all sides without any shifting or sliding off.


  • The cushion can get flattened up to an inch thick for prolonged usage.
  • The surface may seem to be hard and uncomfortable over specific chairs.

Buying Guide for Best Seat Cushions for Office Chairs

Regarding chair cushions, a wrong one can add up your sufferings to a great extent. Therefore, it is indeed of significant importance to choose the best seat cushion for an office chair. You will find a lot of cushions in the market having different qualities. Although many cushions come with quality assurances, you need to choose as per your liability. Certain factors you have to consider while buying one. To help you choose the best fitted one, we present those criteria below –

  • Foam Quality: Almost all best ones come with memory foam production these days. You need to choose something having premium quality. Apart from that, the foam density is to be checked which imparts sufficient firmness.
  • Heat & Temperature Response: These are the facts that decide your comfort to a large extent. The foam and cover should have sufficient path of thorough air circulation. Having gel layer at top imparts greater temperature control for the cushion.
  • Design & Shape: Both U-shaped and solid ones contain medical healing. Depending on your comfort and ease, you should make the choice. Although U-shape comes with orthopedic design, the solid one is also ergonomic to use.
  • Cushion Size & Capacity: The size and the weight capacity are important for comfortable seating. According to your chair size, you should choose a suitable one. Overweight usage will cause discomfort and hard seating which requires addressing as well.
  • Cushion Coverage: Suitable mesh cover protects the foam from getting exposed. Along with a suitable color, you must ensure its breathability and cleaning facility. Through a proper one, you can have a long-lasting foam to serve.

How to Use Seat Cushion

To make the best usage of an office chair cushion, you need to follow certain steps.

  • Step 1: Cleaning the Chair Surface

A clean surface also helps to resist the bottom to slide off. You should clean the surface using a clean cloth or paper.

  • Step 2: Placing the Cushion at Right Direction

The placement is the most important to do work for a long time. Keep the cushion according to its design with the chair direction.

  • Step 3: Using Straps to Tie with the Chair

If the cushion contains straps, it is better to adjust the cushion. Suitable strapping will induce a greater seating position for sure.

  • Step 4: Cleaning the Cover at Regular Interval

Over prolonged usage, the cover is likely to get dirty. Whether the cover is machine washable or not, you should clean it at a specific interval.

How to Wash Seat Cushion

To get the utmost durability with comfortable seating, you should wash the cover quite often.

  • Step 1: Removal of the Cover

You have to take out the cover from the foam at first. Careful removal is necessary which will not affect the shape of the foam.

  • Step 2: Checking the Interior

Check out the interior of the cover if there are any residuals. Remove them before washing to ensure complete and smooth cleaning.

  • Step 3: Putting it over the Machine (Machine Washable)

For machine-washable ones, put them in the machine with sufficient water and some common detergent for some time.

  • Step 4: Using Light Detergent (Not Machine Washable)

For covers not being machine washable, you have to follow the traditional washing methods. Use light detergent to avoid fading of the color.

  • Step 5: Drying the Cover –

After washing, take the cover and try to dry it in sunlight. You can use the dryer as well. Care should be taken to prevent possible fading.

Final Thought

Through superior construction along with effective medical support, these are indeed the best available ones. It is true that there are various others which come with quality assurances. But they don’t have either a good combination of features or enough fitting. Choosing the suitable one among these 10 will deliver you the best seat cushion for office chair for sure. You are guaranteed to experience not only a comfortable seating but also a sweet relief from the traumatizing back pain.

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