Car Organizing Tips: 10 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your Car Tidy When You Have Kids

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Riding a clean and well organized car interior is definitely a dream of every car owner. But sometimes it seems so hard to keep the car clean inside, especially if you are driving with kids. Kids usually throw everything randomly starting from their foods to study supplies or toys. Keeping all these in one place can really be a tough job for one person.

Well, the solution is to organize little by little and maintain it regularly. Here are some easy and effective hacks that will aid you in keeping your car clean and tidy. So let’s not waste any time and dive into the main discussion.

How to keep your car clean inside:

Keeping the car clean even when you have kids is really a hard task to do. Kids love to make a mess in the car throwing their chips, crayons and what not. So for keeping all these things in place, you get to put on a lot of efforts. But nothing to be worry. Here are some hacks that will help you keep your car tidy even when you have kids.

1. Get a quality car mat:

You need to but a good all-weather mat for your car. This will keep your car clean from all those dirt, mud you and the children are going to walk with your shoes inside the car. These are also good for handling the food crumbs very well. Cleaning these mats are very easy.

You can use a vacuum cleaner for weekly cleaning. And for deep cleaning, just take them out and splash some soap water on them. No need to scrub. Rinse of with normal clean water and air dry. You can put the mats back into the car again.

Another tip to do the quick cleaning is to use a carpet freshener.

2. Keeping a Car trash can:

This one is one handy hack to keep the car clean. Especially from the big garbage, the vacuum can’t pick up such as the cups, papers, chips packets etc. you just need to throw everything unnecessary from the car. Keeping a car trash can will aid you in this. Place the can somewhere in the car where everyone can reach it easily. Go for a can with a lid.

Smart car trash can is also available nowadays. You can also use DIY ideas for substituting the trash can such as using any container with a lid or cereal container. But try not to put liquid dirt directly in the can unless you have a habit of cleaning it every day. Empty the can as early as possible when you get back home.

Many trash can comes with multitasking options and you can easily find them in your local store.

3. Vacuum the seat:

Now, where did all the food crumbs that you and your kids ate in the car you think go? Of course, on the car seat. Even if you dust or wipe it off immediately there is still some left. So you need to do a deep cleaning of the seats.

And nothing can be handier than a vacuum cleaner to do this job. So vacuum your car seat, under the seats, carpets, and doors once or twice in a week. This will keep the car clean like a new one.

4. Put an organizer on the back seat:

When you have kids it is obvious that you have to carry a lot of supplies such as crayons, notepads, toys etc. with you. And keeping all these organized takes a lot of efforts. But you can use a back seat organizer or even a hanging shoe organizer to keep all the supplies in a place. This way your car will be clean and you don’t have to see the kid’s supplies all over the car. Just make a rule to keep all the things back in the organizer after use and make the kids follow this rule.

5. Use household stuff to keep the interior clean:

You can use the stuff you find in the kitchen to keep the car clean. For example, the cup holders get dirty over time and we really don’t pay much attention in cleaning them. But you can keep these cup holders clean with a simple trick. Insert cupcake liners in the cup holders.

This way all the crumbs and dirt will accumulate on the cake liners and all you need to do is remove the cake liners to clean the cup holders. Don’t forget to insert new cake liner afterward.

Another way to store the used bags, food wraps is to use a tissue box. Keep the used tissue box in the back of your car and keep all the unnecessary plastic bags and food wrap in it. Empty the box when you get back home.

You can also use coffee filters to clean the dirt accumulated in the hard interior of your car.

6. Use seat covers:

Using the seat covers is another great way to keep the interior clean. This way dirt won’t accumulate on the seat or in the narrow side of the seats in the back.  If you have a pet, then use a pet seat cover for him separately so that the furs don’t get on the seat. You need to clean this seat cover and pet cover once in a while as per the requirement.

7. Wipe the car every week:

You need to wipe the car once a week. No matter how many hacks you follow dirt will accumulate inside the car. For this make time from your schedule and clean the car. For cleaning the hard interior use a clean cloth to wipe off everything.

You can use a car cleaner for this. Go for the baby wipes for a cheaper alternative. For cleaning the vents you can use foam craft brushes. Use glass cleaner to wipe off the window glasses.

8. Maintain a separate food basket:

Now this one is very essential if you have a baby. You need to maintain a separate food basket for the foods you carry for the baby with you. Don’t just keep the food container anywhere you find convenient. Make a habit of putting the foods back in the basket.

Another useful trick is to carry the food in a container with a lid. This way you can eat the foods on the container so that the container can catch all the crumbs. You can close it with the lid after you finish and put it in the food basket.

9. Use car hangers:

Car hangers are a great way of hanging stuff keeping the car tidy. You can hang stuff that can stain the car mat if you put them on the floor or your grocery shopping. You can also use these for hanging your kid’s stuff. This way you can keep the car floor away from getting too messy. Just use simple plastic bags and hand whatever you need.

10. Make rules:

Kids are the one who is hard to bind by rules. But you have to make some basic rules for the kids to follow when they are inside the car. Try to make them interested in following the rules. Such as: you may forbid eating the foods that make a lot of crumbs inside the car. Just make the rules according to your need but don’t overdo it.

You need to make time for cleaning the car regularly. Fix a day of the week according to your schedule. Stick to the date and clean the car on the day even if just some parts. Another way to simplify the task is to take out one garbage can, or doing one cleaning chore each day.

For extra safety keep some supplies ready in the back of the car. Keep a large organizer or bag in the back of the car to keep the less used items in that.

The best place to store garbage cans:

If you are wondering where to place garbage can in your car, then there are multiple options you can try out to do so.

Back of the seat Using a trash can holder or belt:

You can use a belt to hang the trash can behind the front seat. Some model comes with plastic holders to hold the can. These are so handy and hang the trash can so well that anyone in the car can access the can pretty well. These handles are also sturdy enough to hold the trash can so that it doesn’t fall off during driving on the rough roads.

In case your trash can doesn’t come with a holder or if you break the holder then use any strong ribbon or rope to fasten it with the seat as a DIY idea.

With car center console:

We often use this compartment to store a lot especially the cup holders. But you can attach your car trash can with this part facing the back seats of the car. Just adjust it properly with the belt so that it won't move during driving. This way you can save a little space in your car and you don’t have to see the trash can in front of your eyes while you are sitting in the back seat.

Inside the door of the back seat:

If you have the small and instantly removable trash can, then you can attach this inside of the door. This type of trash cans can be used to store the used tissue, food wrap etc.

In the cup holder:

There are some small trash cans which are literally similar to the shape of any travel mug you carry in the cup holder of the car. You can keep these trash can in the cup holder. Some of these also have an in build ashtray so that you can put cigarette ash or store cigarettes in it.

Inside the rear deck:

If you need more than one trash can, then just keep a bigger on in the rare deck of the car so that you can use this one for extra storage especially when you are in a long drive or on a drive for several days.

Behind the back seat:

You can use used tissue boxes as a temporary trash can. And the best place to store these boxes is the back of the back seats where you would actually keep the original tissue boxes sometimes.

Exclusive tips:

There are still some other hacks you can try to keep the car tidy and well organized.

  1. Try to keep the glove compartment clean and organized. Keep track of all the documents you keep in there.
  2. Use air freshener to keep the air smell good inside the car.
  3. Always keep some plastic bags in the car so that you can use them store the wet garbage. But don’t throw these bags outside. Throw them in the recycle bean.
  4. If you carry mugs with you, then go for one which has an airtight lid on it.
  5. Keep baskets or extra mats for your pets.

Final words:

Keeping the car tidy all the time can be really tough sometimes. Especially if you have kids then it almost becomes impossible to maintain every day. But don’t give up. Just follow the hacks mentioned above.

Remember, the key fact is to do at least one cleaning task per day. This way you won’t feel pressure on the deep cleaning day at the end of the week.

Just try to assign a place for everything and put everything on that fixed place. Clean the garbage as soon as possible, don’t wait for the perfect chance to clean the whole car.

Just take out one trash can each time. And don’t throw trashes on the road. Just use plastic bags or any other old bags to dump the trash on the roadside recycle bean if you must need to. Stick to the rule and you will have your car well organized all time even if you have kids.

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