Caring For Elderly Parents? 10 Home Safety Tips For Seniors Living At Home.

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The elder members of our family are our asset and we are responsible to cake a good care of them. You can give them a little extra care and comfort by arranging and altering some stuff in around the house. This will not only give them support but also will ensure their safety.

10 Home Safety Tips for Seniors Living At Home:

1. Use anti-slip mats:

Elder people are prone to slipping on the floor especially in the bathroom. To tackle this incident you need to make the floors both in the rooms and bathroom slip-proof. And the best way of doing so is to use anti-slip mat in the house. Another bonus tip is to buy anti-slip footwear for them. These foot wares will not only keep them extra safe but also support their feet with extra care.

2. Pick up grabber reaching tool:

Grabber reaching tools are a mechanical extension of the arm to help the person grab something without bending or stooping. If your elder member has a back pain issue then this one is a good tool to aid them. Do some homework to find the best reacher grabber tool as per the elder’s need. For example, Metal gabbar is one of the most used grabber tools.

This will increase the mobility of the elder member and help them move independently. Go for a good quality grabber tool with strong material.  There is especial grabber tool for the handicapped people. Introduce the Indoor or Outdoor use for Reaching Grabber Tool to your elder members and make them accustomed to the tools.

3. Provide good quality walker:

If your elder member has an issue with walking, then you need to provide them with a good quality cane or walker in order to help them walk comfortably. Some canes and walkers have anti-slip pads attached at the end. Go for these type of walkers. Material and the weight of the walker is also important.You can also take them to the doctor and make them do physical therapy and exercise. This will also aid their overall health.

4. Adjust the bathroom design and facilities:

Addition of grab bar near the bathtub and toilet seat can reduce the chances of slippage in case of the elder people. And pay close attention to the lighting system of the bathroom. Use lights which are bright enough to see even for the elder with sight issue. Another tip is to assist the elder member to the bathroom. Try to keep someone standby while they are using the bathroom or check on them if needed.

Adjust the bathroom design according to the need of the elder members. Such as adjusting the sink and cabinet height, keep the temperature of the shower tolerable, keep a change of clothes and towel always ready somewhere nearby and store the toilet accessories in their reach.

5. Consider the furniture design:

Always buy soft and good quality furniture for the elder members.  Senior members often have muscle and back pain issue. So go for the furniture and accessories which will provide them comfort and support. The design of the furniture is also important.

Avoid furniture with pointy edges and go for those with round fillet edges. This will reduce the chance of getting hurt by bumping on the edges suddenly. Choose furniture with proper height so that using this is easier for the elder person.

6. Room and stair facility for the elder members:

Let the elder person stay in a room with enough ventilation and sunlight. Window and doors have to be easier to open and close by them. Keep all their important stuff nearby their bed. Choose proper furniture according to their need.Provide enough light in the hallway and corridor as well. As for the stairs, add anti-slip mats all over the stairs and keep enough lights in the stairs.

Make sure the stairs have railed on them. Provide another way for the elders who have issues with walking. Such as if your elder member use a wheelchair, add a slide beside the regular stairs so that they can easily use their wheelchairs. Try to assist the elder members while they are taking the stairs.

7. Always keep enough drugs and fast aid prepaid:

Take the elder members of the family for a regular health checkup and keep track of the prescribed medicines. Always keep those medicines ready near the reach of the elder people. Prepare some basic medicines besides the prescription as well. Keep the bandage, hot water bag, cold compress, pressure measurement machine ready by the hand.

Keep a fast aid box in the senior person’s reach in their bedroom.  Check the medicine regularly if they are still useable and needed according to the prescription. Make an arrangement so that your doctor can come to your house whenever you call in case of emergency.

8. Precaution for fire breakout:

In case of sudden fire break out in the house, evacuated the senior members first. Train them properly to use the escape route for emergency escape. Keep a fire extinguisher ready near you. Install fire and smoke alarm so that you and the elder members can be alert when a fire break.

9. Kitchen safety measures:

Take enough measures to ensure safety in the kitchen for your elder member. Keep the kitchen floor clean and dry to avoid slipping on the floor. Store the ingredients in a category and level them properly. Keep everything in a height where the elder can reach it easily. Store the knives in a knives storage box and level the box. Don’t leave the stove on when not on use. Get rid of the ingredients that have passed the expiration date and regulate the food items regularly.

10. Electric equipment:

Mark all the electric equipment with on and off indication and level the use of it if necessary. Don’t keep the switch on if the electric plug is not in use. Keep the iron in a horizontal position on a heatproof stand while not in use. Use automatic water kettle. Regulate the power outlet so that they are not broken or short-circuited.

Useful Gifts For Senior Citizens:

Who doesn't like receiving gifts? Of course, the elderly people aren’t out of the range. But you need some brainstorming before finding the right gift for your elder member. Here are some ideas for a gift:

  • Gift some game set such as mind game, chase, Sudoku or anything your elder member is into;
  • You can also go for a good pair of glasses and glass holder;
  • If the person is into books, then give them books from their favorite genre;
  • A nice and cozy sweater or a pair of soaks or warm blanket will be a great gift for winter;
  • If they love music, then install a music system with favorite music album and set everything for a soft output;
  • Any self-care device such as a hearing machine can also be an option.

Final words:

Taking good care of the elder members of the family is a must and you need to put a little effort into this. Try to make changes in your house considering the need and comfort of the elder person. Assist them whenever they are going somewhere, even in the bathroom. Always keep eye on their need and try to provide maximum support to them. Take steps to Ensure maximum safety of the elder members in your house.

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