Why Trailers Are A Hot Item For Thieves? How Do Trailer Locks Works And Uses To Protect Vehicle?

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Safety and security is the first priority of our life. We must be conscious of our home's security. To protect our house most of us use lock on the main door.

This security system helps to protect us from an unusual attack of the thief. It also gives us peace of mind. It is the best and simplest way of saving the house from harm.

As we are so conscious about the safety of our home and valuable things, then why not a trailer, the most important item of our day-to-day life?

Trailers are one of the hot item among our property belongings. This is very appealing for the thieves. Because by selling it in the market they can get a huge benefit. So it is very attractive for thieves.

To avoid the unexpected problem, you have to set up the trailer perfectly. You have to use an appropriate and best trailer lock. This is the best way to secure a trailer from theft.

It will give full security to your house or your vehicles. But before installing it you must know its working process.

In this article, we have provided an in-depth description on the trailer lock. You will get to know also the importance and benefits of this lock. So, here we go.

Why Thieves Find Trailers Snatch-able?

Trailer theft is a common occurrence. It is quite easy for the thieves to steal the trailer. It is mainly stolen from the parking place. The thieves always find trailer snatch-able for some particular reasons.

Thieves can easily unhitch trailers in a very short time. They use their own trailing vehicle in order to attach the theft trailer. Every kind of trailer and model can be stolen thus. The theft risk never depends upon it.

In most of the cases, trailer theft occurs from the trailheads or right off trailing vehicles. They generally look for trailers at the trailhead. Trailheads are generally situated in remote areas. So, it is easy for the thieves to steal successfully.

Before stealing the trailer, thieves always think either the trailer's size is worth stealing or not. Medium size trailers are stolen mostly. In the market most of the trailers are of the same color. So it is quite tough to identify the trailer. These trailers are always stolen.

Easily identifiable trailers are always worth stealing. Most people don’t use the security device for the trailer. Without any security lock, tracking device or alarm, it becomes very appealing for the thieves.

Another major problem is the parking place. In most of the cases, trailers are parked in remote areas. There remains no witness to catch the thief. So, thieves use this advantage wisely.

How do Trailer Locks Work

For getting the best performance from the trailer lock, you must choose the best brand. You will find various kinds of trailer brands in the market at a reasonable price. Enclosed cargo, boat, automobiles, utility, toy hauler etc. are some common brand’s name.

Using a trailer lock is quite easy. Trailer locks are not looked like the normal locks. There is a little difference between them.

We can also use the padlocks in order to save the hitches and the door of the trailer. They are nearly like the bicycle locks. Thieves can easily break it using the butt of many blunt objects like the handle of an axe.

The lock can easily be smashed by the thief. In the generic padlocks, we use security key for unlocking the lock. We should try it on the trailer lock.

The drivers should have the set of some special keys. Except for those keys, no key should be able to unlock the trailer.

The shape and size of the lock and the security system of this lock are not same. They are different from each other.

They always take the place of the perfect and standard pin. It generally falls straight on the hitch receiver of the lock exactly in the middle of the matching slots. The characteristic of the semi-trailer lock is the same. 

If the padlocks are made in such a way that it can slide together just like a nut. For this, the trailer lock sets should use the pin. The pin must be made of steel.

How do Trailer Locks Protect Vehicles

Trailer lock is an excellent security device for vehicles. It can make stealing impossible even for the expert thieves. If you attach a trailer lock a thief will never be able to attach the trailer along with his own towing vehicle. Trailer locks are nearly indestructible.

Thieves often hook up to the adjuster. Trailer locks help to prevent this problem.

Semi-trailer lock and the trailer wheel lock also protect the trailer. These devices are attached to the external portion of the tires. If you use a trailer wheel lock, it is impossible to move the trailer.

How to use Trailer Locks Effectively

The security of the trailer depends upon the way of using it. To solve trailer theft you have to use the appropriate trailer lock for a particular purpose.

Before using the trailer lock, selecting the trailer hitch is a must. The size of the hitch is a big issue. As the hitch is the only one component which controls the towing system, select the perfect hitch.

You must hook up your trailer perfectly with the help of the trailer lock. For hooking up correctly you need to follow some steps.

At first, you have to line up the vehicle in a direct line with the trailer. Now you have to stop and rein the coupler height. Now lower the coupler. For securing it latch the coupler and attach the chain in a crisscross pattern.

Benefits of Trailer locks

Protect Vehicle

It always takes a better care of the security of vehicles. In many aspects, the security of the car is depended on the trailer lock.

Tradesmen, car collectors, recreational enthusiasts around the earth depend on the trailer lock for safety. Moreover hunters, truck, motorsport enthusiasts also rely on this lock. They choose it as the best way of safety.

It helps to secure their investments along with the property. You will get peace of mind through it because it always assures that it will be there for you. Your lock may contain a sizeable investment. Trailer lock helps to protect it.


Trailer lock is designed in such a way that it can comply with the necessity of police along with insurance companies. It is quite flexible. It can easily be installed. It is easy to use. You can smoothly open and close it.

The whole system will give you comfort. This will surely comply with the necessity of police and insurance companies though this lock is not an immobilizing device.


Trailer locks can easily be installed. This is totally an anti-theft trailer. And also good for the vehicle lock. These vehicles’ lock is also known as the 'vehicle boot'. These locks are of the highest quality and order.

Trailer lock is designed in such a way that it can skillfully prevent the loss of tools. Moreover, you can carry many high-value cargoes in trailers such as ATVs, vehicles, boats, personal watercraft, trucks, motorcycles, and many others. It can be folded flat for any storage.

Best Fitted

Trailer locks are always best fitted. This is the toughest lock of the market. It has a patented design. And especially it has no bull.

It always fits all kind of standard and perfect wheel size. For the fleet applications, you will easily find the common keys.

Trailer locks are always available and affordable in the market. It will surely take care of the security concerns. It is never less than the ideal one. This is good for vehicles, house, police, insurance companies and, bank and so on.

Safety Tips Of Trailer Locks

When using the trailer lock you can also take some necessary steps to prevent trailer theft. Here we have provided some handy resource about this.

Attaching Security Devices

This is the most important and effective solution. Attach security devices with the trailer. Use security devices such as a hitch lock, trailer lock, alarms, tracking devices etc.

If you use the hitch lock the thieves will never be able to attach your trailer with his trailing vehicle. 

Parking Safety

In most of the cases, trailers are parked in remote areas. That's why it becomes very easy for the thieves to steal the trailer. To prevent this problem, you should be careful about this matter.

Park your trailer in the open and brighter place. Try to park the trailer close to the visitor centers. Alarms will create noise if anyone tries to move the trailer. Tracking devices are more innovative technology.

If the thief steals your trailer, this will help you to find your trailer through a global positioning system.

Coloring Your Trailer

The degree of trailer theft depends on the color of the trailer. In most of the market, the trailers are of the same color and size. That's why it is very tough to identify the trailer. Thieves use this advantage widely.

They always consider that the generic looking trailers are worth stealing. So, you should color your trailer in your own way. It will help you to identify the trailer.

Final Verdict

It may be that you may often leave your trailer alone in the house, vehicle or campaign. And here a good trailer lock can help you a lot to secure your trailer for sure. For that knowing the working and using process of it is mandatory.

In this article, we have provided all your necessary question's answers. So use the best trailer lock for your trailer. And keep your trailer safe and secure.

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